Are you a go it alone person or an ask for help type of person? I used to be a go it alone kind of gal, but over the years, I have learned to ask for help. If I am honest, it can still be a struggle because I am also a control freak. I am slowly learning the art of delegating, asking for help, and only doing what’s in my zone of genius. In life and in business, you can do it alone or ask for support and help.

Earlier this week, my son “chipped out” which means he received a coin or “chip” for staying sober and completing a sixty day recovery program. I am immensely proud of him but he has a life of recovery ahead of him. During the meeting, a therapist shared skills one needs to learn in order to be successful in recovery. Learn to…

  • communicate your needs
  • speak up for yourself
  • be assertive without being aggressive
  • put yourself at the top of the list

The skills mentioned above are not only important in recovery but are also vital for women in business striving for success. Women can sometimes struggle with the myth that suggests they should do it all alone and effortlessly. The reality is that the to-do list is extensive and time is limited. Learning to delegate is an art and learning to ask for help, so you are only doing what’s in your zone of genius, can be life changing. You can be successful but will you go it alone or ask for support and help?

I work with successful women in business, entrepreneurs, managers, directors, and executives and they ALL need to know how to communicate, speak up for themselves, be assertive without being aggressive, and put themselves at the top of the to do list. While it may be possible to tackle everything alone, the key lies in recognizing one’s zone of genius and delegating the rest.

Successful women in business, much like individuals in recovery, need to master the skills of effective communication, self-advocacy, assertiveness, and prioritizing their own well-being. My experience, in working with clients over the years, is women are more likely to be able to do all of the above when they have a wardrobe they love and they are able to show up authentically and with confidence.

In recovery and in business, you can choose to go it alone and you may be successful.  You can also choose to surround yourself with support and go just as far if not farther. Statistics show that you’ll go farther if you have support. My clients, view a wardrobe stylist as a valuable resource, a helpful service that helps them save time and money. So will you go it alone or ask for support and help?

In both recovery and business, confidence and authenticity are important. When you show up authentically, you are more likely to have the confidence to articulate your needs, speak up for yourself, and seek the support you need. My clients have shared that when they have a wardrobe they look good and feel good in they are more likely to show up authentically and with confidence. They are also more likely to speak up and communicate their needs, give their input, collaborate, and more.

Whether on the path to recovery or navigating the complexities of the business world, the ability to communicate, advocate for oneself, and seek support are fundamental to success. Embracing vulnerability, stepping outside your comfort zones, and recognizing the value of asking for help can lead to profound success and personal growth. So, will you go it alone or ask for support and help? If you’re ready to ask for help and support with your wardrobe, reach out. I am here to help.