I love a good front tuck but I have quite a few clients that have no idea what I am talking about or how or why to do it.

A front tuck is when you tuck the front of your top, sweater, or blouse into your pants, jeans, or skirt. Not the whole thing just a small portion of it.

The idea behind the front tuck is to give (the viewer) a visual of where your waist is. It’s a way to add definition to your body shape instead of being shapeless hiding behind your clothes.

What do you do if you have a really high waist or wear high waisted jeans/pants?  I suggest doing a side tuck, which is pulling your top or blouse through a side belt loop or you could try adding a side knot if your top is really loose.

When you do a front tuck, a side tuck, or a side knot it’s also really great if you have a belt as a focal point. If you don’t have any belts I would suggest investing in a few. You can find inexpensive ones and they can be a fun accessory that adds some pizzaz to the outfit. There are skinny ones, thick ones, printed ones, and more! Find a couple that fit your style and wardrobe and try adding them to your wardrobe on a weekly basis.

Do you need to do a front tuck with every top or outfit? No, but the idea is you want people to know you have a waist. You may not want to show your waist or like your waist but it’s a good way to show off your shape. Yes, you have a shape! Promise.

Plus you might save a few T-shirt’s from getting holes in the process. More on that later…