When was the last time you went to see your girlfriends or coworkers and when they arrived you thought to yourself, “Gosh…their arms look really fat and flabby?”  I am guessing never. Never have I ever thought or said anything close to that when I saw my girlfriends or coworkers and yet women say those words to themselves all the time.  I have an important message to share…it’s okay to go sleeveless and free your arms.

While working with clients over the years I have found that an overwhelming number of them struggle with some part of their body. Keep in mind, I work with clients of all sizes, from zero to twenty to plus, and it doesn’t matter what size they are there usually some body issue they struggle with and focus on. The reality is that people are typically not looking at the body part you struggle with most.

When you give people a focal point that’s where they are going to look. You might think about throwing on a fun accessory that will draw the eyes towards your face. It’s okay to free your arms and go sleeveless.  I encourage clients to forget about the ongoing loop of negative self talk in their head.  Again, you may think that people are going to look at and stare at all the parts of your body that you are self conscious about but the reality is most people are looking at your beautiful smiling face.

The next time you go shopping for new outfits think of me, have my voice in your head, lovingly reminding you to free your arms.  A reminder, that when you walk into a room no one is looking at your arms or the body part you dread the most. They are likely looking at your beautiful face and they are happy to see you.  If on the off chance they do have something…anything negative to say they are NOT your people.

I am here to remind you that you are fabulous and beautiful no matter what the number on the scale is or what the number on your outfit is. Style is not a size or a number on a scale. You can free your arms, go sleeveless, enjoy it and own it.  This is your reminder that when you walk into a room with confidence you will shine. No matter what you are wearing.

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