Over the last few months I had several clients that did NOT like to shop. Not only did they not like to shop but they were unsure of what sizes they wore and had no idea where to start.  If you don’t like to do something it’s going to be hard when you start so I try and give my clients tips to make things easier.

Start with a good foundation! It’s Everything! Yes, I know bras and shape wear can be pricey but you need good foundation pieces to make sure the clothes you’re buying fit you properly. You should really have at least 2 bras, preferably 3, so that you can rotate them during the week. The more you rotate the longer they will last. If you don’t like panty lines you may also think about shape wear to help smooth everything out. 

I recommend my clients start at Nordstrom because they offer free fitting services. Yes, I said FREE!  Take yourself to the lingerie department as ask an associate to properly fit you for a new bra. They will measure you and then bring you an assortment of styles and sizes to figure out which style and size fits you best. You don’t have to purchase anything if you don’t want to but you will leave having a better idea of your proper size.  You can also try Soma (online or in person) or Ruby Ribbon (online). 

When you’re done with your bra fitting stroll over to the clothing department that speaks to you and ask for a stylist. Please know there are sales associates and stylists. Not every sales associate is a stylist. If there is not one available at that time ask to make an appointment and come back.

Let the stylist know what you’re looking for. It could be a new look, a few tops, a jacket, or slacks. Whatever it is the stylist will bring you all the items in your size and give you options to try on.  Again…all free! You can let the stylist know you want to try a new color or a different style. She will know what to pull for you and give you options. If it’s a good stylist she will not like everything on you and will let you know what fits and what doesn’t. It’s in her best interest to honest because she ultimately wants you to come back and shop with her. Keep in mind you don’t have to purchase everything she brings you but you can let her know what you like/love (if you decide not to purchase) and she may notify you if it goes on sale or gets low in stock. 

Know a Stella & Dot Stylist? They offer free services as well. Do you have a top, a dress, an outfit and you don’t know what to wear with it? Want to make something look like new or need a WOW factor? Send a pic (or two) via text or FB or call and she’ll help you find several pieces that will make it look like new or take your look up a notch. You can also make a wish list of all the items you like/love and she’ll let you know when they go on sale or are low in stock.