I am passionate about helping my clients look and feel their very best and the one thing I hear over and over is I don’t like to shop or I don’t have time.  I have shared this before, but personal styling is more than a wardrobe haul, it’s a total transformation that introduces you to your inner awesomeness. The person that’s confident, effortlessly stylish, and takes more risks for their dreams.

Let’s be honest. Wardrobe hauls can be expensive so how do you find clothes that help develop your persona, help you feel confident, and effortlessly stylish all while staying on a budget? Here are my five strategies to build a wardrobe on a budget.

One of the first strategies is to spend 30 minutes a day, for a week, in your closet letting go of what’s not working for you. I know, I know…you don’t want to let go of anything because you spent a lot of money on it, the items might fit one day, etc… Here is the reality though, it’s unlikely you will give yourself permission to buy the new piece you need if you still have “x” hanging in the closet.  Even though it’s old, outdated, doesn’t fit, etc…we tell ourselves that it could still work even though it won’t.

Next strategy to build a wardrobe on a budget is to actually create a budget. It doesn’t matter if you budget $10 a month or a $1,000 each quarter all that matters is you put the money aside.  When you create a budget and put aside money you are more likely invest in yourself.

After you clean out your closet and create a budget, the next strategy is to make a list of what you need. Maybe it’s a pair of slacks, a skirt, a new pair of shoes or a lightweight jacket. Think about what pieces you could add that would help expand your wardrobe. It might be a new top with a print or a blazer that you can layer over jeans and a t-shirt. When you go shopping with a list you’re more likely to stick to the list and purchase what you need vs what’s on sale.

The fourth strategy for to build a wardrobe on a budget is to sign up for emails and text messages.  If you’re going to buy something you might as well get it on sale.  When you sign up for emails and text messages most companies will send you a coupon for 10%, 15% or even free shipping. The companies will also track what you click on and look at and when it goes on sale or is low in stock they will contact you.

The last strategy to build a wardrobe on a budget is to shop while keeping the “power of two” in mind.  For example, before purchasing an item ask yourself if you can make two new outfits with what you have in already have your closet. Let’s say you want to purchase a new top.  Ask yourself if you can pair the top with two different bottoms and/or two different layering pieces that you already own?  The other question to ask yourself is can you wear it for two seasons, spring/summer or fall/winter?  If the answer is yes to both questions then it’s can be a powerful piece that will add value to your wardrobe.