Finding your authentic style is a key part of branding yourself and making yourself stand out. You may be wondering why you need to brand yourself. I recently attended an event and the guest speaker shared how important it is to create a personal brand whether you are an entrepreneur, with your own company, or an “intrapreneur,” a leader, within a larger company.

Finding your authentic style and creating a brand can:

  • help you differentiate yourself from your peers
  • make you more memorable
  • help you stand out so your clients know you’re the one they want to work with
  • be an essential piece to help you thrive in the corporate world

There was also a recent article in Forbes, which shared how creating a brand for yourself, as an “intrapreneur,” can be the difference in getting a promotion, being put in a leadership role, find a new job, and more.

Finding your authentic style is an integral part of creating a brand because, as Nancy Medoff, shared in UnMute Yourself, “when you wear something you’re comfortable in you are more likely to show up authentically and with confidence vs when you are in unfamiliar territory. When you are in unfamiliar territory you are likely feeling more vulnerable and you will likely lack the confidence to speak up.”

Finding your authentic style is a process of trying new pieces and outfits to find what fits who you are now. You are likely not the same person you were ten, five, or even two years ago and yet we tend to hand onto clothes that no longer fit us or serves us.  Sometimes you need to let go of the past in order to open the door to the new you.

Finding your authentic style can be about stepping into a new season, a new you, and finding new confidence.  Here are some ways to find what what your authentic style is:

  • create a Pinterest board with looks you love
  • try new brands
  • try new colors
  • add a fun accessory to your outfit
  • order or try on new pieces you wouldn’t normally pick

When you find pieces that feel authentic to you, you will likely feel more confident and show up differently. Finding your authentic style can help you stand out, be noticed, and tells people why you.  If you don’t know where or how to start, reach out, I am here to help. You can book a complimentary Style Inspo Session using this link.