Let’s be honest. Finding jeans that fit can be as challenging as finding a bathing suit you’re happy with. It’s a never ending process. 

The endless styles of jeans to choose from can be overwhelming. There are straight, flare, boot cut, skinny, hi-waisted, slim, girlfriend, boyfriend, curvy jeans and more!

How do you know how to find jeans that fit you? I am here to help.  

First you have to start by measuring your body. Yes, I know, no one likes to do this but here’s the truth. Knowing your body shape will help you find the perfect jeans and let’s be honest it will help you find all the perfect clothes for your body!  Take 3-5 minutes and measure your shoulders, bust, hips and waist. If you’re not sure how or where to measure check out my blog on how to properly measure yourself or go to the Find Your Body Shape page on the website. 

Once you know your body shape: an inverted triangle, pear, rectangle, hourglass, or apple finding jeans that fit becomes much easier.

  • Pear Shape bodies start with bootcut or straight jeans 
  • Rectangle Shape bodies look for flare or straight jeans
  • Inverted Triangle Shape bodies can start with boyfriend jeans, wide leg, flare, or straight jeans 
  • Hourglass Shape bodies can start with skinny jeans, wide leg, or flare jeans
  • Apple Shapes can start with bootcut jeans, straight, or skinny jeans

Now if you’re plus size you want to follow the above rules first and then think about what will balance out your body (like boot cut). Same if you have a petite body. Think about balance and try slim and/or cropped jeans. 

Now that you know the first step to finding jeans that fit you need to think about the type of wash. There are dark wash jeans, which are more professional, in my humble opinion, light washed jeans, and aged and/or distressed jeans. I prefer a dark wash with very little or no aging simply because I feel I am too old for that style but that’s my preference. The fun part is you get to do YOU! 

Finding jeans that fit means you will need to try several different brands to see which fits your body best. There are brands like Wit & Wisdom, 1822 Denim, NYDJ, and others that carry jeans in petite, regular, and plus size. You don’t have to spend a lot of money.  Check out my link to jeans less than $100.  You can also check out 1822 Denim and use code: CONFIDENCE for 20% off. 

Once you find jeans that fit they can be a wardrobe essential that will make it easier to get dressed every day. If you’re still not sure how to buy jeans that fit, are not sure where to start, or are overwhelmed reach out and let’s chat. I look forward to helping you find wardrobe essentials that you feel confident in.