After years of traveling for business I truly enjoy and look forward to traveling just for FUN.  Over the years, I have tried a number of products and some were better than others so I thought I would share a few of my favorite travel essentials. 

Let’s start with Away Luggage. Over the years, I tried several high end brands and some not so high end brands but no matter the label or guarantee they always fell apart, ripped, and/or didn’t hold up very well.  That is until I tried my Away Carry-On Luggage.  Admittedly, when it arrived my husband laughed and assured me it would never withstand our travel and would fall apart faster than any of our other luggage.  Many years later, I am happy to report it’s quite likely the best luggage we have used over our twenty-four years together.  A few reasons the Away Carry-On Luggage is at the top of my favorite travel essential list is that it’s approved as a carry-on (on most airlines), has a lock, is durable, has a great compartmentalized inner system, and has spinner wheels.

For packing, I have tried various folding and rolling techniques to maximize and optimize the space in my luggage but it wasn’t until I tried the TRVL Design bags that I felt I had finally achieved the best success. It’s now one of my favorite travel essentials that comes with me for a weekend getaway or weeklong trip. While I still roll my clothes, I use the TRVL Design bags to separate outfits, underwear, and workout clothes, plus the bags keep my clothes separate from my shoes. The best part is the TRVL Design bags come in different sizes, colors, and prints so there is something for everyone. 

Another favorite travel essential that made the list this year is the Rydir Band. It’s a sleeve that you put over the handle of your luggage along with your purse or carry on so that your purse or carry on don’t fall off. It’s simple but truly brilliant! If you have ever walked through the airport terminal only to have your purse or carry on fall off of your luggage while you walk you know what I am talking about. This simple and fun sleeve keeps everything in place and it’s heaven.  Use this link and receive 15% off your Rydir Band order.

Last but not least, I want have to share with you my new favorite travel essential the Keep Your Cadence capsules. They are magnetic and refillable containers that are made from recycled plastic and they are a Godsend.  The Keep Your Cadence capsules are leak proof, TSA compliant, and BPA free. But wait there’s more! They are customizable so you can put a picture of pills at the top, a label for shampoo, a label for face cleanser, or you can customize the label to fit your needs. Needless to say I am hooked and currently have six capsules but I may have more by the time I post this blog. 

Throughout the year I help clients pack for short weekend trips and long getaways. Feel free to reach out if you need help. I am here for you.