What would you do with extra time? Last week I attended a conference with eighty other women entrepreneurs and it was all about productivity and getting Unstuck. One of the BEST tidbits of information I came away was:

  • One minute of planning saves ten minutes of execution
  • One hour of planning saves ten hours of doing

What would you do with extra time? Imagine if you had an extra ten minutes or an extra ten hours a week or a month?  What does this have to do with style and fashion?

  • Imagine how much time you would save everyday if you:
  • spent one minute at night and picked your outfit for the next day?
  • loved ALL the pieces in your closet?
  • had pieces that fit (so you didn’t have to try on two the three items before you found an outfit that worked)?
  • had a personal shopper to take care of all your shopping?
  • had someone who helped you put together outfits?

How many minutes could you save in a day?  How many hours could you save in a week or a month?

What would you do with the extra time?

My clients reach out because looking pulled together is important to them but they struggle to find clothes that look stylish, feel amazing, and reflect their personal style. With my services, I help my clients stop feeling frustrated and start feeling confident and after working together they find it’s quicker and easier to get dressed.  Are you ready to have extra time?

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