Last week, I posted on my Instagram profile (@stylishcurvygirl), about my non-negotiable list and I had so many women reach out and comment or message me about their non-negotiable list it was AMAZING!  I have to tell you it was so good to know I was not alone.

So often we don’t put ourselves first but if we did we might learn that those around us really don’t mind. It’s okay. Everyone will survive if we put ourselves first every once in a while.

Do you have a non-negotiable list? Maybe it’s only one thing that is non-negotiable?

  • Self care routine?
  • Work out routine?
  • Meditation?
  • Journaling?

I will admit when I was younger I really didn’t have anything but as I have aged I have two…

I know some may think that it’s vain…but for me it’s non-negotiable because it’s an hour to myself once every two weeks (for my nails) and two hours every four weeks (for my hair).

It’s “ME” time when I don’t have to be “on” and I can decompress.  No one is asking me “what’s to eat,” or where is my “x” and there are no chores to be done.

It’s when I can say no to everything else and put me first. For example, we recently needed to meet with our realtors to go over offers (we are in the process of selling our house) and I asked them if we could move the meeting until later in the afternoon because I didn’t want to cancel my coveted hair appointment.  Crazy I know, but the best part was they said no problem at all because they completely understood!

We can love our family, friends, etc…AND take care of ourselves too!  If you don’t have a non-negotiable list think about if you really need/want one. You’re allowed a non-negotiable. I am giving you permission.