Last week I went to a local shopping mall to return a few items and as I walked through a major department store I found myself feeling really frustrated. I was frustrated by the selection of items available, the styles, and the sizes. Honestly, I felt like everything was for much younger women. Not only much younger but the selection of sizes were very limited as well.

I was truly frustrated so I decided to post a quick video to my stories on Instagram. I wanted to share how I felt left out & forgotten. It turned out I was not alone. Many of you reached out and messaged me that you feel forgotten too! I received so many private messages and texts it was truly amazing.

In fact, 100% of my followers agreed and said they felt as though everything in stores was for younger women. Similarly, 80% of my followers felt forgotten as well.

I walked out of the department store and decided to try LOFT and J.Crew and I promptly found a few items at each store that were classic pieces that would work with my wardrobe. The best part was they fit perfectly.

When I purchase an item I always ask myself three important questions:
Do I love it?
Will I be able to pair it with two other items in my closet?
Can I wear it for more than one season?

On that day I was quickly able to answer yes, yes, and yes. I also decided that I would try and find clothing brands that were for women of all sizes, that are great for every day or for dressing up.

If you are feeling forgotten and would like help finding a style and clothes that fit the body you have now feel free to reach out and let’s chat.