Women often hesitate when making changes or decisions about their style or investing in themselves. They will also spend money on everyone else: children, parents, partners, friends, spouses, and more before they spend money on themselves. They may even delay hiring a stylist, finding their unique style, or updating their wardrobe until they reach a milestone like losing weight, getting a promotion, or saving more money. However, waiting for these moments might hinder your progress rather than propel you forward. You see, as Nancy Medoff, my coach, says, “Confidence impacts outcomes.”

Waiting to Lose Weight:

If you are waiting to lose weight before you invest in yourself with a new style, you may be waiting forever. When you wait, you reinforce the idea that you will be worth it in the future, but you’re not worth it now. The real key to feeling confident and empowered is to accept yourself as you are today and decide that you’re worthy as you are for the investment. We are all at different stages of our journey, and when you embrace and love the body you have now, it can be a game changer. Actively taking steps towards self-care and personal investment can lead to greater overall self-confidence and a more positive outlook, which can greatly affect your style transformation. When you’re more confident, you’re more likely to pursue your dreams and have greater overall success. “Confidence impacts outcomes.”

Delaying for the Promotion:

Suppose you are “wishing and hoping” for a promotion or want greater client awareness. In that case, waiting to update your style may mean missing opportunities to stand out. How you’re showing up and your confidence play a significant role in how others perceive you. By showing up authentically, on-brand, and confidently, you become unforgettable. You can position yourself as a top contender for the new position or increase client awareness. “Confidence impacts outcomes.”

Postponing for Financial Reasons:

I often ask clients about their goals; sometimes, the goal is earning more money. If they want to earn a six-figure salary, I ask them if they show up as six-figure earners. Sometimes, you must visually “see yourself” in your dreams before they become reality. While the idea of waiting until you have more money saved seems understandable, it’s important to realize you may not be earning more money because of a lack of confidence. Confidence impacts outcomes, and in this case, it can be THE catalyst for your financial success. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or in corporate, presenting yourself confidently can lead to more opportunities, new collaborations, and even greater financial gains. So, waiting until your financial goals are met might mean missing out on opportunities that could help you achieve them.


Confidence impacts outcomes in your personal and professional lives, and if you’re waiting for the perfect moment to invest in yourself, you might also be delaying your progress and success. Instead of waiting, consider embracing who you are now and honoring how far you’ve come. Give yourself a high five, prioritize your self-care, and take steps towards unlocking greater confidence and success. “Confidence impacts outcomes,” Nancy Medoff says.