“Color has a transformative power that can build connections in the minds of consumers and even elevate or evoke certain moods,” according to Dee Schlotter, PPG’s senior color marketer, Inc. Magazine. Color can make a huge difference in a number of different ways so I thought I would share some colors to wear this fall, instead of black.

A popular color to wear this fall, instead of black, is red or a variation of red. When I shop for clients, I see various pieces and outfits in red, maroon, and burgundy. Wearing red, or a variation of it, is a great way to stand out and expand your wardrobe. The color red has long been associated with showing up powerfully, being daring, and it can complete a classic look when paired with black and white.

Brown, or a variation of it, is another color you can wear this fall instead of black. Choose a neutral like brown, if you are on the fence about where or how to start to wear color this fall. Brown is a great alternative neutral color that can evoke feelings of warmth and it can be paired with navy, maroon, olive, ivory, and more.

One last color to wear this fall, instead of black, is a metallic color like gold, silver, or rose gold. Be bold and try a top or a pair of pants in a metallic shade or dip your toe in the water, so to speak, by adding a metallic accessory like a belt or shoe. No matter how you choose to wear color this fall, instead of black, remember it can be a conversation starter.

In an article by Inc. Magazine in 2017, Rhett Power shared, “the human brain wants to use brands that are easily recognizable and the color is a highly important element when it comes to brand identity.” Whether you are an entrepreneur, in management, corporate, or an executive, what you wear and how you show up matters. The colors you wear can impact how you are perceived, how you lead, show up confidently, and more.  The colors you choose to wear this fall, instead of black, can also impact your mood, energy, and more.

Often times clients want to stand out but not be “glaring.” Everyone has a different comfort level with colors, instead of black, so finding what works for you is important. If you’re unsure of what colors to wear this fall, instead of black, and/or don’t know where to start reach out. I am here to help.