I am passionate about helping women clean out their closets because I believe it allows you to release what no longer serves you and opens up space for magic to happen. Here are three ways cleaning out your closet can be like magic.

When you clean out your closet you can break free from added weight. Holding onto items that no longer work creates a weight, both literally and figuratively. The clothes you’re not wearing carry an energetic weight and they take up valuable space in not only your closet but in your mind. Think about it. Do you start off your day excited to get dressed or do you feel dread. Holding onto unused clothes can hold you back from your potential for growth and change. Magic can happen when you clean out your closet.

There is transformative magic when you clean out your closet because letting go forces you to look forward. When women hold onto outdated pieces it keeps them stuck in the past. It’s like looking in the rearview mirror, so to speak, on a daily basis. Holding onto those old pieces that you are hoping to get back into is an attempt to reclaim a version of yourself that may no longer align with who you are today. Clients often share that after working together, when they let go of those pieces, they feel lighter and a weight is lifted, “like magic.”

When you clean out your closet you can magically break free from the Catch-22 cycle. The Catch-22 cycle is when you know you need something “_____” (fill in the blank with skirt, blazer, top, dress, suit, bag, and/or shoes), yet you resist and don’t give yourself permission to purchase it.  You know you have the old item in the closet, thus you don’t really need it, and it becomes a barrier to embracing the new. When you clean out your closet, there is a magic transformation that happens, the Catch-22 cycle is broken.

A common pitfall clients experience, no matter the size or age, when cleaning out their closets is the “what-ifs.” Women become paralyzed and can’t let go because they say “what-if.” What if I finally lose weight, suddenly have an event to go to, my friend decides she needs it after I let it go? There is something magical that happens with women learn to embrace their body, as it is, and find clothes that fit. Honestly, it can be life changing for women to find clothes that fit the body they have now. They suddenly find they can look good, feel good, be confident and empowered, and it’s magic.

Giving away pieces you’ve invested in and spent time and money on can be challenging at best so think about donating the items to organizations like women’s shelters, where someone in need can cherish and feel empowered in your once-loved pieces. When you donate the pieces hanging in your closet you are making magic happen for another woman.

The act of decluttering is not just about creating an open physical space; it’s a transformative journey towards self-empowerment. By releasing the old, you make room for the new, and in doing so, you start a cycle of positivity and empowerment for yourself and others. Cleaning out your closet can be magical. Let your wardrobe tell a story of growth, confidence, and forward momentum. If you don’t know where to start reach out and book a complimentary Style Inspo Session.  You can also check out the 30 Day Challenge, the 5 Day Challenge, or the Closet Transformation Course.