This past weekend I had less than 30 minutes to pack for an unexpected weekend in the Bay Area and I didn’t know exactly what I needed to pack for. I knew I would be going out to dinner and maybe a visiting with friends and family but other than that I had no clue.

It turns out it was way easier to pack than even I realized. I have the essential pieces of a capsule wardrobe so most of what I have mixes and matches into several different outfits and looks. I also have pieces that fit the body I have now (not my dream body) so I quickly pulled a jacket, a cardigan, a pair of jeans, 2 tops, a skirt, 2 pairs of shoes (casual and heels), and my jewels. Those 8 pieces carried me through the weekend of events and meals and I felt good and looked good.

The essentials of a capsule wardrobe may differ from person to person but it’s a collection of clothes that coordinate with each other so you can pair them into endless outfits that work for various occasions. 

When the pieces you have mix and match with each other and fit the body you have now it makes getting dressed quicker and easier. Because you don’t have to go through multiple outfits to see if they fit or if you like them you ultimately save time and energy every day. 

If you would like to get dressed quickly and without stress, would like help putting together a capsule wardrobe, or are going on a trip and need help packing send me an email or call me to set up a free 15 minute consult.