Let’s talk about a capsule wardrobe. What if you could take 13 pieces of clothing and were able to put together 50 + outfits from only those pieces? It would be life changing right?! What if you could make 70+ outfits? That’s more than two months worth of outfits!

I am here to tell you that it’s possible with a capsule wardrobe.
What is a capsule wardrobe? The essentials may differ from person to person but it’s a collection of clothes that coordinate with each other so you can mix and match them into endless outfits that work for various occasions.

Capsule wardrobes can be 10 pieces, 13 pieces, or 20 pieces or more. They can be a mix of comfy and casual or business professional. You make the pieces work for you, your budget, and your lifestyle.

Start with tops, blouses, or sweaters you love then add layering pieces like a blazer, a utility jacket, or cardigan. Lastly, pair them with bottoms (skirts, jeans, or pants) that will easily mix and match with the colors and patterns in the pieces you started with. You want to be sure the pieces are one color scheme or have similar colors that pair easily with each other. Check out the examples of capsule wardrobes above and below.

Clients reach out to work with me because they feel overwhelmed, frustrated and/or depressed when they get dressed in the morning. Nothing fits, their clothes don’t work for them, or they have pieces that don’t go with anything. After working with me clients find they have new outfits, using their own clothes, because I show them how to mix and match. They go from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated to transformed. When the pieces in your closet fit the body you have now and you can mix and match them it makes it quicker and easier to get dressed.

If you would like to get dressed quickly, easily and without stress, or would like help putting together a capsule wardrobe please send an email to elisa@turnkeystyle.com or book a Style Inspo Session.