Are you someone who buys something only when it’s on sale? Someone who never buys anything on sale? Or you’re open to buying on sale but it depends on the piece. 

Some folks buy sale items immediately, some people think about it for a long while and others tell themselves they don’t need it and walk right by it.

Here are some tips for the next time you walk by an item on sale and questions to ask yourself before you buy…or not.

Do I already have something in my closet to wear it with?

Can I wear the item for more than one season?

Would this piece be a good color for me?

Do I love the way the item fits and looks on me?

If you answered yes to these questions it could be a great buy for you! It’s clearly something that you can mix and match with an item or items you have, it could be a potential bargain because you can wear it for several months out of the year thus making the cost per wear lower, it’s a color that you look fabulous in, and when you love the way you look in something you’re going to look fabulous because you feel amazing in it and your confidence will shine through.

I recently found this top on sale and I didn’t hesitate for a second because I knew I had things to wear with it, I knew I could wear it for more than one season, the color is great on me and I loved the way it fit! 

If you didn’t answer yes all of these questions then decide if you can build an outfit around it, find a way to layer with other items for more than one season, or maybe you decide to walk on by and save your money!