When was the last time you were BOLD?   Bold with your wardrobe, your jewels, your style.

When was the last time you stepped outside of your comfort zone and tried something new? It can be daunting for sure. It’s very easy to get stuck in an every day style rut. You keep wearing the leggings that you love to wear every day. Maybe it’s a pair of jeans or a comfy shirt. We all have “those” pieces we gravitate to on a regular basis.

Most of the pieces in my wardrobe are basic and conservative with a few pieces mixed in for good measure.  There are no crazy prints, patterns or styles until now. How about you? What’s in your closet? Do you have bold prints and patterns? Cool textures and styles? Are you a bold jewelry or accessory gal?

It’s very easy to play it safe and wear the same pieces day in and day out but that can get a little boring. Recently, I ran into a client and she was wearing a cute midi skirt (something I would never wear), a graphic tee and booties. She looked adorable and it was a good reminder for me to get outside my own box.

I encourage my clients to try new styles and pieces so I decided it’s time I tried something BOLD too! Stepping outside my comfort zone today with a BOLD new print. What about you? What bold step will you take? Will you try a statement necklace? A fun print top? New bold colored shoes? Perhaps a signature belt? How can you step outside your box?