It finally feels like spring in SoCal and as you venture out to restaurants and enjoy visits with friends and family are you excited to wear real clothes again?

Did your style go by the wayside over the last year? Maybe you even had your “go to casual pieces” that you wore on a regular basis. I completely understand, we had nooooo where to go and no one to see! It was easy to get stuck in a style rut wearing the same leggings/pjs every day.

Now is the perfect time to be bold and refresh your wardrobe.  In fact, women are reaching out to me and want to know how to refresh their wardrobes with a few key pieces.  They want to look good, feel good and they want to get dressed to be quick and easy. Are you ready to change up your style? Try something new? Ready to be bold?

Being bold brings up different ideas for every woman.  For some women being bold might be wearing…

  • a big pair of earrings
  • a sleeveless top
  • a skirt above the knees
  • shorts
  • something in a bold color
  • a pair of white jeans

It’s easy to play it safe and wear the same pieces day in and day out so now is the perfect time to think about how to be bold with your style. Instead of wearing the same old same old try making small shifts that feel bold to you. If you’re not sure how to be bold with your style and go outside your comfort zone start by trying to:

  • wear a belt
  • wear a bold print or color
  • try tucking in your top
  • add a pop of color (top, pants, or with your shoes)
  • wear the white jeans
  • whatever feels bold to YOU

Now, you might be thinking, there is NO WAY I could wear “x” or try “y” so I am here to remind you that style is not a size or a number on the scale. You are beautiful, worthy AND…you can look good, feel good and have confidence. If you’re not ready to be bold start by trying to make small shifts that put you outside your comfort zone.

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