This weekend I surprised my best friend for her 50th birthday. It was a fabulous weekend of fun and catching up. But….about a week before the trip her hubby messaged me to let me know that I needed to pack a swimsuit because we were going out on the boat and spending time on the lake.

I immediately panicked.  I panicked because I didn’t have a swimsuit (I literally just packed away most of my clothes for our move) and I panicked because the thought of me finding a bathing suit and being in a swimsuit made me uncomfortable.

I had to reset how I was feeling. I decided to focus on the fact that I was going to see my dear friend and I changed how I was feeling by saying to myself, “I love my body,” “I am grateful for my body,” and “I am grateful and blessed for this opportunity to travel.” Then I went on to find “a” bathing suit, not the perfect swimsuit but “a” bathing suit that would work.

I found a swimsuit that same day and I hoped and prayed I would like it and that it would fit. I am a size 16 and finding a bathing suit that fits is no easy task.

Here is what happened. I loved the swimsuit, it fit well, and I decided that I would make it work. I didn’t have choice. It arrived late Wednesday and I left for my trip at 5:45 am on Thursday. Come Saturday, I decided that I would “walk the talk.” I wore my new bathing suit on the boat with…

  • No cover up
  • No towel
  • No hiding

It was time to practice what I preached. I wore my new bathing suit all day on the boat and I was comfortable and felt beautiful. It was actually really freeing to not worry about what others thought. It was about what I thought and how I felt.

Check out these swimsuits I found and also check out SwimSuitforAll.  I recommend looking for a swimsuit you love. Find one that makes you smile, feel confident, and beautiful. Choose a one piece bathing suit, a two piece swimsuit, a tankini bathing suit, or mix and match. It doesn’t matter if you are plus size, petite, tall, or short, find what works for you. There are all different styles out there.