Are you wearing shorts where you live?
When you wear shorts do you pair them with…

  • Sneakers?
  • Sandals?
  • Something else?

When you wear shorts, do you prefer them short (4-5”), a bit longer like mid thigh (5-7”) or maybe you’re a long shorts (10″) gal and like them to come to your knees?  No matter which length you prefer shorts can be a great addition to your spring and summer wardrobe.

I would love to hear what you’re wearing as our days get longer and warmer. Not a shorts gal? Maybe you’re wearing skirts? Lightweight pants?

If you hesitate to wear shorts because you are not confident with your legs I am here to remind you that you are beautiful and worthy! When you walk into a room no one is looking at your legs… they are looking at your beautiful smile and face. Your strong amazing legs, that you may not love, carry you through each day. Honor them and wear the shorts. It can be freeing to say “hell with it (and them)” and wear the shorts. As you wear shorts in the coming weeks, remember, one easy way to transition your shorts from spring to summer is to pair them with a fun cardigan or blazer.  You can look for cotton shorts, denim, or linen ones that fit your style.

Today I paired my Loft cotton twill shorts with my new Franco Sarto dress sandals, that I LOVE, and I would easily create a new look by switching out my cardigan and shoes.

If you’re not sure which shorts are best for you feel free to reach out or check out the link for shorts on the shop tab on my website.