I recently moved to an area in North Dallas, Texas and one of the things that I am not quite used to is the ever changing weather. Is it cooler yet where you live? Are you ready for sweater weather?

In Southern California, where I lived my entire life, it’s almost always warm and sunny. It occasionally has some days that are overcast and cool but rarely did I ever really “need” a sweater.  Now that we live in a new state it has come to my attention that I may need to get some warmer clothing. My lightweight t-shirts and cardigans are not going to cut it and I need to get ready for sweater weather.

As I started my search for new sweaters I found myself quickly overwhelmed, which is saying a lot since I shop for a living.  There are so many different yarns, weaves, styles, and lots of colors.  I found sweaters with a puff sleeve, bell sleeve, and balloon sleeve. I discovered short sleeve, long sleeve, crew neck, v-neck, mock neck, turtleneck and more! You can choose from cashmere, cable knit, boucle, cotton, angora, polyester, and more. The list of choices goes on and on.

After some extensive research, I feel as though I have a found a good selection of sweaters that should be a good start for me.  When searching I tried to find sweaters

  • that were on the shorter side because I don’t want them to overwhelm my body
  • that were also on the thinner side because I want to be able to layer them under jackets and blazers
  • in neutrals and bright colors that will work throughout the year, not just fall

Once I order and add a few sweaters to my wardrobe I may feel as though I will be ready for sweater weather.

Check out the choices of sweaters below (or click on the link) and let me know what you think. Do you have a favorite one? Are you ready for sweater weather?  If you are searching for an item and don’t know where to start feel free to reach out.

Would love to learn more