Are YOU Hiding? 

One of the most common issues I come across when helping clients with their closets and outfit coordination is helping clients see how they are using their clothes to hide their bodies. 

Almost everyone does it in some way. It could be they are trying to hide their bare arms, their chest, their stomach or maybe they don’t care for their legs. I have found that it doesn’t matter what size, age, or weight almost every client uses oversized clothes to hide a body part they are unhappy with. 

In an attempt the hide the clients usually wear oversized clothes that cover the area they want to hide and usually the clothes they’re wearing are at least one size too big! I call this the “pirates of penzance” effect…lots of billowing clothing hiding your fabulous figure. Yes, you have a fabulous figure! No one else is like you so show it off!  

It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 4, 8, 12, 16, or 22… My goal is to help clients find clothes that fit the body they have now so they can feel empowered and confident. I help clients find pieces that accentuate their best features whatever those might be.  If you don’t know where to start then let’s chat.

Some of my clients are gifted with curves, a bountiful chest, long legs, great arms, a shorter body, a long waist, etc…I encourage clients to come out of hiding and find pieces that make them feel beautiful and put together no matter what their size.

Are YOU ready to come out of hiding?