Are you an animal print lover?

Years ago I would have never have purchased anything with an animal print on it.

I told myself that it was…

  • Too bold
  • Too edgy
  • That I would have nothing to wear with it
  • It won’t look good on me

Sound familiar? Well, I am here to say I was WRONG on all accounts.

These days I have animal print tops, skirts, shoes and more! It has now become a staple in my wardrobe and would you believe it can actually make it easier for you to mix and match the pieces in your closet.

If you feel it’s too bold then I suggest finding a small animal print. It will typically have black in it and that can make it easier for you to mix and match with the pieces already in your closet.

If you are thinking it’s too loud or edgy then again, start with something small and maybe a faded print top that you can pair with a blazer or cardigan. Pairing the top with a blazer or cardigan will mute the print so to speak. You cut down on how much fabric is being seen (as with any print) and doing this will make it appear less “loud.”

You likely have a few items in your closet that you can pair with animal print and don’t even know it. Animal print, like any print, can have multiple colors in it and you can usually pair it with basics.

If you’re unsure how it’s going to look and if it’s going to look good on you then skip it. I completely understand when something is outside a comfort zone. I get it.

I truly believe that when you have confidence in yourself and in the clothes you have in your closet you can pull off anything! If you’re willing to give it a “go” then try one piece and see how it feels on and if you’re not feeling it then skip it.

If you are not sure where or how to start? Reach out for a style session and we’ll find a piece that works for you and your wardrobe.